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Some excerpts from client testimonials:

HypnoTWIST were a huge hit with our Jelly Baby Ball guests. An on-line survey following the ball rated HypnoTWIST as one of the highlights of the night. Bold, cheeky, classy and completely surprising in its entirety, the performance kept everyone swinging between awe and incredulity, right up to the last note."
Leanne Pagett, Event Co-ordinator, Jelly Baby Ball

"HypnoTWIST did a great job entertaining our guests. The range of songs sang was fantastic; all well known and a great selection. You could see guests sitting there wondering “Is this for real!?”, “Could that have been me!?” If you want something that’s a bit different, lots of fun and that will keep your guests entertained, look no further than HypnoTWIST!”
Catherine Elliott, Bruce Lynton Charity Ball

"I had the enormous pleasure of being totally sucked in, and duped by the three brilliant young talents. Anyone wanting something a little different for their evening’s entertainment couldn’t do better than to hire these hilarious villains.
Do yourself a favour, and check em out!"
Barry H Crocker AM



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