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After ten years and thousands of incredibly successful live performances all over the world, Mark Bradley International has had a unanimously positive reaction from clients and guests alike...

Until, that is, the time comes to book their next event! Then they're faced with the only complaint we ever hear from clients, which is,

"Thanks – it was a great show, a great surprise – so, what's next!!?"

You’re only as good as your next event, and if your last one was a hit (if you’ve just seen HypnoTWIST you’ll know what we mean) – you’re probably starting to wonder how you’ll ever top it. Don’t worry: we have the answer…

Mark Bradley International, award-winning creators of HypnoTWIST (the live act from your hugely successful last event) have five more brilliant shows to offer you; five unique scenarios with several variations and a host of new characters designed to keep your guests on the edge of their seats and ensure your next event is just as successful!

For information on availability of acts in your region contact your nearest office...



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